We are a solutioning firm with a consultative approach in our DNA. At AscentHR, we come to work every day to enable organisations nurture their human capital through seamless workflows and processes.

Streamline custom HR workflows from pre-hire to retire. Integrate time, attendance and leave management using our robust HCM solution. Solve bottlenecks at every step with our experiential solutions.

Today at AscentHR, we partner with various organisational teams from HR Operations to Finance to anyone who has a stake in creating a hassle-free and law-abiding entity.

With our consultative approach, we handhold you through your organisational objectives, and even help you discover the immediate needs of your HR function to carefully tailor our solutions that truly transform your people practice.

We not only stand by the traits, we enthuse -
Adaptability. Accountability. Accuracy.


Diversity is a perennial challenge in people practice. We strive to adapt to different cultures & regulatory practices while ensuring a unique employee & employer experience across multiple Geos / industries.


People practice is a sensitive touchpoint in any organization. We foster a culture of accountability by exemplifying process ownership leading to a results-driven approach. We endeavour to empower your organization & people to become leaders, taking responsibility for organizational development and associated outcomes.


Human resource compliance is a mission-critical function. We empower your organization to observe accurate, on-time compliance while ensuring data security governance. We enable our customers with state-of-the-art tools and technology delivering reliable, definitive, and infallible data for audits, diligence, and reporting.



Innovation and technology are the cornerstone of our strategy to realize our vision to deliver exceptional user experience to our clients driven by the hunger to constantly innovate products and services that are built on cutting-edge technology.

Our inspiration is to drive the change with simpler & more intuitive solutions.

Our goal is to deliver products and services to help our customers craft an effective HR strategy that ticks all the boxes; that creates an unsurpassed employee experience, while seamlessly managing the complexities of multi-location, multi-country payroll and labour policies that comply with all extant regulations.

We aspire to be partners in our customers’ growth and progress; stakeholders who are deeply invested in curating workable solutions.

We are using technology to put the “human” in “human resources”. We hope to twine the flexibility and adaptability of human workers to the accuracy and efficiency of the technology.

We aim to harness the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and neuro-linguistic programming to automate tasks and improve the efficiency of human workers.

We are playing the long game, and this is precisely why we have invested in a state-of-the-art innovation lab.

Our Innovation Lab endeavours to reengineer the paradigms of human factors, flavours of empathy elements in HCM, payroll management and compliance adherence. By eliminating manual intervention from repetitive, automatable tasks, we assist our customers in building their human capital -- so that their potential can be utilized to spur growth and further innovation.

The goal of the Innovation Lab is to infuse AI and analytics into solutions and explore the use of emerging capabilities of technology to address HR & payroll challenges and enable transformation.

The HCM road map lays emphasis on digitizing the emerging global HR models; enabling organizations to focus on acquiring and developing top talent; integrating strategic digital enablers, predictive insights into global workforce, and delivery of personalized experiences, HR operating model optimisation, propelling modernization.

The road map for multi-country payroll will focus on enhancing the flexibility to easily configure unique requirements and scalability to meet both current and future needs. Specific emphasis will be on global consolidation, reliability of payroll accuracy, timeliness, and consistent results, improved compliance functionalities to control and manage risk of payroll operations globally.

The Innovation Lab will continue to invest on the future of AI, key research in Deep Learning algorithms, Dialog and Conversation enablement, Cognitive Platforms, Knowledge Libraries, Blockchain, Data Security, and automation of compliance controls. It collaborates with institutions and domain experts to develop analytic models for a new generation of intelligent applications.

The innovations are put to use with a strong DevOps structure seamlessly integrated to deploy and support an operating model that enables consistent, compliant payroll results and compliance support for navigating complex requirements and international growth of organisations.




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