Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We drive our engagement through a structured approach of gathering data and information, discovery workshops, inclusive approaches and methodologies; using innovative and proprietary templates. The engagement will enable you to implement a robust process with the necessary controls and enable automation.

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HR Consulting Practise

Our robust frameworks and best practises help our customers to manage the full employee lifecycle, ensuring global consistencies and accommodating local variations.

Our qualified experts assist our customers in drafting and implementing policies, procedures and processes to address the full spectrum of Human Capital Management.

Our recommendation and advice enable our customers to deliver a consistent engaging experience by creating and incorporating growth factors like technology enablement; to improve organisational productivity and deliver a superior employee experience.

MCP Consulting Practise

Our Multi-Country Payroll Specialists help organisations develop a global payroll strategy and outsourcing plan.

Our team of experts is empowered with an exhaustive compliance checklist for all applicable laws across multiple geographies.

Our advisory encompasses balancing and reconciling payroll data, liabilities, remittances, wage deductions, record keeping, reporting taxes, notices, and inspections.

Corporate Compliance Consulting Practise

Our team of lawyers and subject matter experts can guide you through the compliance maze, tailoring solutions to your business and operations.

We advise and simplify legal frameworks for corporate entities. We enable organisations with exhaustive compliance checklists for all applicable laws across industries and geographies.

Dedicated teams of lawyers, company secretaries, IT professionals, and subject matter experts for Taxation, EHS, Labour and Industrial Relations, as well as industry and country specific laws; can advise clients on setting up businesses; with licenses and permissions.