Enable your HR to analyze and bridge the cultural gaps at the work place. Leverage the power of AI-based algorithms to measure financial impact of culture. Capitalize on 9000+ human behaviours repository and analyze multi layers of behaviour.

  • AI-based solution to measure the difference between the current and optimal culture
  • Enable the leadership team to take corrective measures to reach the optimal state
  • Identify and rectify prevailing culture dysfunctions using a risk indicator tied to the financial forecasts of the business
  • Analyze & Measure Employee mood & change in culture
  • Assess Employee-Organisation Cultural Alignment
  • Measure Financial Impact of Company Culture
  • Anticipate upcoming problems and find solutions
  • Build company’s brand, attract good talent, & Increase Employee Retention
  • Be more adaptive and improve employee engagement
  • Analyze the organizational values & beliefs, and individual behaviour
  • Measure financial impact of the organizational culture
  • Assess Employee-Organisation Cultural Alignment