The Digital Traces of Employment History & Personal Information empowers the hiring team with data from reliable sources. Recruitment team can validate the employment history and personal ID information in the shortest possible time, spot any mismatch or discrepancy on employer-duration- salary and conclude suitability at any stage in the hiring process.

  • Adopt best practices of Pre-employment Verification & Eliminate candidates with fake claims, early
  • Be better equipped to negotiate the offer & make informed Hiring Decision
  • Protects candidate’s interest
  • Reveals present & past employment details, undisclosed and dual-employment details.
  • Establishes candidates’ ID & address as per government records
  • Engage with candidates who are committed to upholding Ethics, Compliance, & Trust
  • Delivers tamper proof results, instantly
  • Uses Reliable Data Source viz., IT Traces & EPFO to establish employment history
  • Secure, fast, Cost Effective and easy to adopt
  • Enables Quality of Hire, Time to Fill & Cost