Take control of all your finance needs anywhere, anytime — make apt financial decisions based on in-depth financial analysis and reports. Invest in over 5000 funds from 40 fund houses. Get hassle-free insurance in one place. Securely save copies of all your essential documents in one place.


Financial Planning

Financial Planning needs of people differ largely based on individual situations and personal objectives. Jofin's comprehensive financial planning tool is designed to cater to your unique needs, offering customized solutions with detailed action steps and recommendations.

Our sole aim is to enable you to make smart money decisions and help you embrace financial stability for life. With rich experience in the field since 2010 and have acquired thousands of happy customers, we are well-versed with the ever-changing market conditions and options available.

Investment Planning

Investment Planning is crucial to accomplish your financial goals. Our foremost recommendation to our clients is to plan their investments as early as it can be for it facilitates the achievement of long-term goals with better returns.

Our comprehensive portfolio review identifies potential financial risk, hidden cost and irrelevant liabilities that are disguised in the form of assets. Similar to long-term investments, investing for retirement is a must, else are you prepared to live a life full of financial uncertainty when you reach senility?

eTax Filing

Jofin one-stop solution platform allows you to file your taxes online, easily and quickly from anywhere, anytime. Our user-friendly online tax filing services with step-by-step instructions help you start your free tax preparations and assure you receive faster tax refunds. With insights on each client’s unique financial goals and life stages, our experts provide advice on tax planning and tax preparation. This is not it, filing your tax online saves you from spending extra hours and money while it also equips you with necessary financial knowledge.


Jofin is the one-stop solution platform offering E-Loan solutions to meet your needs. With the best personal loans on the lookout, you get fast disbursal, flexible tenure, minimal documentation and attractive interest rates. JoFin is an innovative and straightforward platform that enhances your financial experience. Get a loan flawlessly with minimal documents to your bank account within minutes.

Insurance Planning

Insurance planning ensures that you aren’t paying too much for insurance and also that you have correct type of insurance for all your needs. The decision to buy insurance or not is based on analysing whether personal resources can cover any financial loss or an unpleasant scenario.

An insurance analysis assess your financial situation to quantify the capital requirement and calculate the gap between personal resources and potential need of insurance. The overall analysis help you identify the right kind of insurance based on your budget and your preferences while it also ensures that you have your greatest risks covered.

Document Locker

Now store all your valuable documents under one roof in a digital format, thereby eliminating the chances of misuse or loss of your important documents.

We offer a dedicated cloud storage space linked to your registered mobile number. Be it your driving license, Car or Motorbike Registration Certificate, Voter ID, PAN card, Aadhaar Card, School and College Certificates or any other documents, it will now be duly accepted in digital form. Now go paperless to store the documents securely and have them verified by the concerned departments.

* previously known as My Wealth Junction

Customer speak

Umesh DB

I love their professional approach and step by step guidance. Jofin made planning and investment easy and convenient for the 1st time investor like me.

Vinayak M

It was my good decision to choose Jofin. It solved two of my major worries, investment and Financial Planning.

Aravind KS

I now review my financial plan, make investments and file tax return online all in one place with Jofin DIY platform.

Ravi G
Platform User

With the goal-oriented Financial Planning tool and diversified investment options to choose from, they made it completely hassle-free for me.

Umesh R
Platform User

I love their professional approach and step by step guidance. Jofin made planning and investment easy and convenient for the 1st time investor like me.