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Employee Data Management
– Your Solid Foundation for People Analytics

Even if you are a 10-employee company or a small startup, it makes sense to have an Employee Data Management (EDM) solution in place that helps you store and retrieve employee data seamlessly to save time, efforts, and money.

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Fixed Term Contract

The Industrial Relations Code, 2020, has introduced a spate of reforms that aim to overhaul antiquated employment regulations. Fixed Term Contracts will boost employment generation by freeing organizations from regulatory red tape. They will allow employees smoother exit mechanisms, and lower barriers to employment.

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3 reasons why leaders don’t build leaders

In the last two decades, we have seen entrepreneurs, and leaders of established organisations make waves because they wrought lasting change in difficult times.

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Work From Anywhere - Make A Paradigm Shift

The pandemic has necessitated an overhauling of traditional approaches to productivity and employee management. With Work From Home (WFH), how do organizations facilitate continued employee engagement?

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Educating Indians on need to save as culture of youngsters is changing

In the earlier days, when the current generation of youngsters were toddlers, pension was the norm and the pensions used to supplement the incomes of their parents on retirement.

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Flexi Staffing’s Impact on Job Generation and Average Income

The Indian flexi-staffing industry is expected to witness a significant growth over the next 7 years across industry sectors.

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How to Manage HR in running a lean start up?

In a shrinking globe, Human resource is a key differentiator of an enterprise today as material and money are available aplenty for a good business idea.

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Why the new Maternity Bill may not be the best thing for your company

The Amendment to the Maternity Bill, which seemed to be long overdue, is now facing some serious reconsideration by entrepreneurs due to its skewed philosophy.

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Protect your money online from fraudsters

We get usual messages on phone or email such as “Congrats! Your personal loan has been approved up to INR 1 crore.

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Do the new age industries misuse labour laws?

There are material standards, quality standards, accounting standards, then why not human resource (HR) standards?