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The e-commerce industry is no stranger to flux and churn. A fast-paced and fluid business environment, technological disruption, and a price-sensitive customer, make every organisational advantage the difference between success, and the slow-burn of irrelevance and obsolescence.

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Process Streamlining due to mergers and acquisitions

The history of business is littered with consolidation manoeuvres, mergers and acquisitions. Until very recently, unforeseen, Barbarians At the Gate-inspired, dawn-raids, Satur...

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The effective harmonization of payroll policies

Modern enterprises face an ongoing challenge in streamlining and optimizing operations across disparate geographies, systems and markets.

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Integrating Disparate Systems

Growing businesses often employ a piecemeal strategy towards system integration; one that prioritizes the present over the future.

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Impact of Automation on MIS and Analytics

Decision-making is an integral part of the functioning of any organization. For optimal decision-making, it is imperative that managers be able to access the right information at the right time to bridge the chasm between need and expectation.