Announcements by the Government of Karnataka


Updated: 4th April, 2022

Draft on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions

The Government of Karnataka, vide notification No. LD 245 LET 2021, dated 4th April, 2022, has published the Draft Rule on Occupational Safety, Health and Working conditions (Karnataka) Rules, 2021. This draft will be taken in to consideration after the expiry of 45 days from the date of its publication. Any objections or suggestions may be addressed to – The Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Department of Labour, Room No- 413, Fourth Floor, Vikasa Soudha, Bengaluru- 1.


Updated: 4th April, 2022

Draft on Code on Social Security

The Government of Karnataka, vide notification No. LD 285 LET 2021, dated 4th April, 2022, has published the draft rule on The Code on Social Security (Karnataka) Rules, 2021. This draft will be taken in to consideration after the expiry of 45 days from the date of its publication. Any objections or suggestions may be addressed to- The Additional Chief Secretory to Government, Department of Labour, Room No- 413, Fourth Floor, Vikasa Soudha, Bengaluru- 1.


Updated: 30thNovember, 2021

Holiday List for 2022

The Government of Karnataka, vide notification No. DPAR 37 HHL 2021, dated 30th November 2021, has published the final notification on Holiday list for 2022. Refer to the attached notification for details.


Updated: 8th November, 2021

Holiday List for 2022

The Government of Karnataka, vide notification No. DPAR 37 HHL 2021, dated 8th November, 2021, has published the draft notification on Holiday List for 2022.


Updated: September, 2021

Bifurcation of EPFO, regional office

Please note that the erstwhile Bengaluru Regional Office of EPFO located at No.13, Rajaram Mohan Roy Road, Bengaluru has been bifurcated into two Regional Offices i.e., Regional Office, Bengaluru (Central) and Regional Office, Bengaluru (Malleswaram) and both the offices are currently functioning in the same premises. Therefore, employer/members/pensioners of EPF are requested to send their letters/grievances etc., to the appropriate authority. The details of Regional PF Commissioners of both the Regional offices in this premises and the concerned contact number are furnished below for information:

Regional Office, Bengaluru (Central) Regional Office, Bengaluru (Malleswaram)
Officer in charge : Shri P. Senthil Kumar, RPFC-I
Mail ID :
Facebook : EPFO RO Bengaluru Central
Twitter : @epfoBNGcentral
WhatsApp No. : 063642 64449
Officer in charge : Smt T Indira, RPFC-I
Mail ID :
Facebook : Epfo RO Malleshwaram
Twitter : @epfobengaluru1
WhatsApp No. : 8022230188


Updated: 26th August, 2021

Mandatory Vaccination for All Employees at Workplace

BBMP, vide Circular No. CHI.COM.PSR/135/2021-22, dated 26th August 2021, has made it mandatory for all the staff of commercial establishments/ industries/ hotels & restaurants/ offices, etc. to ensure that their employees have received at least one vaccine dose by 31st August 2021.

It will be the responsibility of the employers to ensure 100 % vaccination of their working staff at employer’s cost. BBMP Marshals & Health officials are authorized to enter such premises during the working hours to check the compliance with effect from 1st September 2021.


Updated: 13th August, 2021

Educational Assistance to the Registered Construction Workers

Karnataka Government by its notification No. LD 207 LET 2021, dated 13th August, 2021, has notified the amount of educational assistance to the registered construction workers under the Building and Others Constructions Worker’s (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Karnataka Rules, 2006. In the attached notification, amount details of annual educational assistance is mentioned which can be claimed by the registered construction workers as per the mentioned educational course or standard or grade. This notification will come into effect from the academic year 2021-2022. Following are the terms and conditions to avail the above benefits:

1. The student for whom the application is made should have passed in previous academic year and should have enrolled for the current academic year.
2. The scholarship may be disbursed through Direct Benefit Transfer mode on State Scholarship Portal (SSP) designed by the centre for e-governance, Government of Karnataka.
3. The actual processing fee for successful applications will be reimbursed in case of application is for the course pertaining to IIT/IIM/IIM/NIT/IISER/AIIMS/NLU and listed courses of Government of India (Sl. No 16).
4. Apart from the above assistance students, can even be eligible for the scholarships applicable to their respective courses.
5. Only construction workers whose membership is valid at the time of submitting the application and whose children have enrolled for the above courses are eligible for scholarship.
6. Students appearing for the various examinations through the National Institute of Open Schooling shall be reimbursed the actual examination fee of the specific course.


Updated: 20 th July, 2021

Shops and Commercial Establishments Act

The Government of Karnataka vide notification No. E-LD 4 LET 2019 (P), dated 20th July, 2021, has notified the provisions relating to hours of work under Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1961. As per the new provision, establishments can engage an employee for a maximum of 9 hours a day on any day and 48 hours in any week without OT, followed by maximum or total 10 hours of engagement (including OT) in any day and 50 hours in a period of three consecutive months. An earlier notification No. E–LD 4 LET 2019 (P), dated 02nd January, 2021, allowed not more than 8 hours a day or 48 hours in any week without OT, followed by maximum or total 10 hours of engagement (including OT) in any day and 50 hours in a period of three consecutive months. Enclosed the latest amendment notification and the earlier notification as ready reference.


Updated: 20 th July, 2021

Educational Assistance for the Year 2021-2022

The Karnataka Labour Welfare Board, Bengaluru vide attached press note invites applications from the eligible children of organized sector workers who are engaged in firms / factories / Shops & Commercial Establishments for educational assistance for the year 2021-22. Parents or guardian’s monthly income should not exceed Rs. 21,000/- per month and those who are paying contribution to the Karnataka Welfare Fund are eligible to apply. Eligible students can apply online at on or before 31-8-2021. The contacts and address mentioned may be contacted for more details.


Updated: 31st May, 2021

Deadline extended for filing professional tax

The Government of Karnataka, vide notification no. FD 02 CPT 2021, dated 31st May 2021, has extended the due date for filing professional tax annual return which was earlier extended till 30th May 2021 to 30th June, 2021.


Updated: 3 rdMay, 2021

The Industrial Relations (Karnataka) Rules, 2021

The Government of Karnataka, vide notification No. KE-01/LET/2021 & No. E-LD 1 LET 2021, dated 03rd May, 2021, has published the draft rules of 'The Industrial Relations (Karnataka) Rules, 2021'. It has been directed that all suggestions or objections related to the said draft rules are to be submitted to the official email IDs, and

The hardcopies can be mailed to the following address within thirty days from the date of the publication of this gazette notification.
The Additional Chief Secretary,
Department of Labour,
Room No 414, Fourth Floor, Vikasa Soudha,
Bengaluru - 560 001


Updated: 28 thApril, 2021

Request Letter

The Government of Karnataka, vide letter no. KE158TNR2020 dated 28th April, 2021, has requested all employers not to terminate their employees during the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. It has also requested landlords not to forcefully vacate any residents or occupants of any commercial premises for non-payment of rent during this pandemic.


Updated: 26 thApril, 2021

Professional Tax

Karnataka extends Professional Tax return filing to April 2021. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the existing lockdown, the government of Karnataka has extended the time limit for the filing of Professional Tax return and making such payment. The due date to file the return for the month of April 2021 is extended from 20th May, 2021, to 20th June, 2021. Also, the tax payable by enrolled persons, who had enrolled before the commencement of the financial year 2021-22 can be paid by 30th May 2021.

Particulars Actual Due Date Extended Due Date
April 2021 PT return 20th May, 2021 20th June, 2021
Yearly return & Payment 30th April, 2021 30th May, 2021
Encl: Gazette notification No. FD.02 CPT 2021 dated 26th April, 2021


Updated: 2ndMarch, 2021

Wages Rules

The Government of Karnataka, vide notification No: E- LD 157 LET 2020 (P-1) dated 2nd March, 2021, has issued the draft of the Code on Wages Karnataka Rules, 2021. The Department of Labor has stated that they will be accepting objections for thirty days from the date of this notification.

The revised forms and detailed notification are attached.


Updated: 11thFebruary, 2021

Minimum Wages

The Government of Karnataka, vide notification, has revised the Minimum Wages w.e.f 1st April, 2021 to 31st March, 2022. Please find the enclosed relevant notification and detailed minimum wage breakup.


Updated: 19thFebruary, 2021

Shops and Commercial Establishments Act

The Government of Karnataka, vide notification no. 08 of 2021, dated 19th February, 2021, has amended the provision for annual leave with wage under Section 15(7) of Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1961. As per the said amendment, the establishments registered under the Act have to carry-forward annual leaves or a maximum accumulation of annual earned leaves of up to forty-five days for all employees instead of thirty days as it was earlier.


Updated: 15thJanuary, 2021


The Karnataka Labour Welfare Board further extends the Labour Welfare Fund remittance due date from 31st January, 2021 to 20th February, 2021 This follows our alert dated 15th January, 2021, wherein the body extended the Labour Welfare Fund remittance due date from 15th January, 2021 to 31th January, 2021. Effective from the calendar year 2020, the Labour Welfare Board of Karnataka has made online registration mandatory to remit contributions of the Labour Welfare Fund. As many establishments are still facing technical issues, they requested an extension of the deadline. Accordingly, the Labour Welfare Board has decided to further extend the contribution remittance due date till 20th February 2021.


Updated: 18thJanuary, 2021

COVID-19 quarantine with paid leave

The Government of Karnataka vide Order No. KaE 572 TNR 2020, dated 18th January, 2021, has directed all employers in the organized and unorganized sectors to grant leave with wages to their employees/workmen for work missed during their quarantine period due to COVID-19 infection. The quarantine leave shall be extended to those employees/workmen who are confirmed primary contacts of the infected persons.


Updated: 22ndDecember, 2020

Extension of due date for Labour Welfare Fund remittance

Further to our alert dated 22nd December, 2020, the Government of Karnataka has mandated online registration to remit contributions to the Labour Welfare Fund. Due to various issues faced during online registration, the Welfare Commissioner of Karnataka Labour Welfare Board has extended the due date for the remittance of the contribution from 15th to 31st January, 2021.


Updated:2nd January, 2021

Hours of operation & night shift conditions

The Government of Karnataka vide notification no. E-LD4LET 2019 (P), dated 02nd January, 2021, has extended the permission to keep open 24x7 all Shops and Commercial Establishments in the State employing ten or more persons. For women working night shifts, the conditions prescribed in the notification are valid for a period of three years from this date.


Updated: 17th December, 2020

Labour Welfare Fund Act

In contradiction to the legal alert circulated on 17th December 2020 was received. The earlier notification no. DPAL 18 Shasana 2020 repealed various regional laws and amendments of Karnataka, including LWF amendment of 6th April 2017, dated 12th January 2020. Now, we have received the attached press note from the welfare commissioner of Karnataka Labour Welfare Board, directing the Labour Welfare Fund contributions of Rs. 40 /- (Employer) & Rs. 20 /- (Employee) to be continued online. The welfare fund contributions and payment can be done online through for the employees reflecting in the muster roll on 31st December, 2020 The last day to pay contribution is 15th January 2021 and delay may attract penal provisions.


Updated: 11th December, 2020

Gram Panchayat Election

The Government of Karnataka, vide no. LGL-2/other/CR-45/2020-21 dated 11th December 2020 Director of Factories has directed to facilitate the eligible voter to exercise their franchise and vote in the forthcoming Gram Panchayat Election. The Panchayat Election is to be conducted in 30 Districts for 5762 Panchayats Bodies on Tuesday 22nd December 2020 and on Sunday 27th December 2020. The detailed list of constituencies is enclosed.


Updated: 9th December, 2020

Un-utilized Leaves

The Government of Karnataka, vide notification no. 668 LA, Bill No. 68 of 2020, dated 9th December 2020, has proposed to increase the threshold limit to carry forward un-utilised earned leaves from thirty to forty-five days.


Updated: 25th September, 2020

Compulsory Registration of Factories under KPME Act

The Government of Karnataka, vide Circular No. No.LGL-2/Others/CR-24/2020-2021, dated 25th September, 2020, has made registration under Karnataka Private Medical Establishment Act, 2007 mandatory for all the factories that are registered and falling under the purview of Rule 88 & Rules 92 of Karnataka Factories rules, 1969. It is now compulsory to provide Occupational Health Centre and Ambulance Room respectively. Management has to register all OHC / Ambulance room falling under their jurisdiction to register under the KPME Act in consultation with District Health and Family Welfare Department.


Updated: 21st November, 2020

Holiday list for the year 2021

The Government of Karnataka, vide notification No.CASE 12 HHL 2020, dated 21st November, 2020, has issued the list of holidays for the year 2021 for all the establishments and banks registered under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.


Updated: 6th November, 2020

Quarantine Leave for employees infected with COVID-19

Government of Karnataka Vide Notification KAE 66 KaBaNi 2020 dated 06.11.2020 has issued advisory to all employers on grant of quarantine leave to employees or workmen infected with COVID-19. The guidelines prescribed under the said notification are in accordance to an advisory issued by the High court in response to Writ Petition bearing no. WP No. 9009/2020.
Please see the guidelines below:
1. Absence of an employee on account of quarantine due to COVID-19, should not to treated as unauthorised absence.
2. Employees may avail existing leave balance during the quarantine period or during any treatment for COVID-19.
3. The employer may grant leave to employees who are infected with COVID-19 if they are not covered under ESIC, and enable them to quarantine.
4. Employers may facilitate leave transfer / swap for enabling employees to utilize the leave balance of his/her colleagues to undergo quarantine. This can be facilitated through leave banking facility within the organisation.
5. Employers may grant an advance leave credit to employees who do not have any available leave balance, thereby enabling them to quarantine.
6. In the event that Employers are unable to grant any leave due to lack of leave balance, they are encouraged to consult with their employees to arrive at an amicable solution and evaluate the possibility of granting special leaves, enabling the employees to quarantine.


Updated: 19th October, 2020

Women Employment During Night

The Government of Karnataka, vide notification No.471 dated 19th October, 2020 has issued regulation of employment of women during night which comprises sixteen conditions. Non-compliance by any establishment shall lead to cancellation of the Registration Certificate.


Updated: 09th October, 2020

Vidhana Sabha Election

The Government of Karnataka vide circular dated 09.10.2020 has declared 03.11.2020 as paid holiday on behalf of Vidhana Sabha Election to be held in Sira and Raja Rajeswari Nagar constituency . The circular has directed all factories, shops and establishment, to declare paid holiday on the day of polling to enable the eligible employees to exercise their voting right. All Factories or Establishments irrespective of the location where it is situated has to provide a paid holiday to all employees who have voting rights in the said constituency. Due to if an eligible employee has to work on such day he has to be given sufficient break to cast his vote.


Updated: 12th October, 2020

Ease of Doing Business

To Implement the recommendation of ease of doing business initiatives of the Government of India, the renewal procedures for
procuring Certificates/registrations/Licenses for establishments is hereby simplified. An auto renewal system will generate the said Certificates/registrations/Licenses through the E-Governance Portal of the Labour Department of Karnataka. The same shall be made
available upon the payment of the prescribed Statutory Fees. Auto Generation of Licenses and Permits have been mandated under the following:
1. Registrations under the Karnataka Shops and Establishment Act, 1961
2. Licenses under the Inter-State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1979
3. License under the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970
4. License under the Factories Act, 1948 Under this provision, the applicant/ business need not file any separate application.
The applicant can download the digitally signed approval certificate through department's portal.


Updated: 29th September, 2020

Stay order issued on deferred payment of wages

The Karnataka High court, vide order dated 11th September 2020, has issued a stay order on the notification #LD 72 LWA 2020, about minimum wages dated 20th July, 2020, which had said that employers can defer the payment of increased DA till March, 2021. As per the stay order,
establishments now have to pay the revised minimum and cannot defer the payment of minimum wages till further order from the Court.