Announcements by the Government of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

Updated: 30th March, 2022

Minimum Wages revision

The Government of Madhya Pradesh, vide notification No. 6/11/newwages/ 5/2015/12370, dated 30th March, 2022, has revised the minimum wages for all the scheduled employment with effect from 1st April, 2022 as below:
Category of workers Basic Minimum Wage V.D.A. Total Wages
Unskilled 6500 2625 9125
Semi-Skilled 7057 2625 9982
Skilled 8435 2625 11360
Highly Skilled 9735 2625 12660

Madhya Pradesh

Updated: 16thNovember, 2021

Holiday List for 2022

The Government of Madhya Pradesh, vide notification No. One 3-3-2021-One-4.-2022, dated, 16th November, 2021, has published the notification on Holiday List for 2022.

Madhya Pradesh

Updated: 1st October, 2021

Revised Minimum Wages

The Madhya Pradesh government, vide notification No. 1/11/ Anway/ Five/ 2015/29748-996, dated 1st October 2021, has revised the Minimum Wages for Shops and Establishments as mentioned below with effect from 1st October 2021.

Category Basic Per month DA Per Month Total Per Month
Unskilled 6500.00 2300.00 8800.00
Semi- Skilled 7057.00 2600.00 9657.00
Skilled 8435.00 2600.00 11035.00
Highly Skilled 9735.00 2600.00 12335.00

Madhya Pradesh

Updated: 2 nd August, 2021

Amendment of MP Child Labour (Prohibition And Regulation) Rules 1993

The MP Government by its notification No. 1036-183-2018-A-XVI, dated 2nd August, 2021 has amended the MP Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Rules 1993. By this amendment, the Government has added the word “and adolescent“ in the Rule and now it will be called as MP Child and Adolescent Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Rules 1993. Following are the other changes made:

• Inserted clauses (da), (db), (dc), (dd) after clause (d) which talks about child and adolescent rehabilitation fund constituted under Child and Adolescent Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act 1986, also for monitoring the same, inspectors have been appointed by the Government, Municipality, and Panchayat.

• In clause (f) of Section 2 of the Rules, the words, “Young person”, shall be substituted with the word ‘Adolescent’, and for the ‘’Factories Act’’, the words “The Child and Adolescent Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Act 2016 (35 of 2016)’’, shall be substituted.

• Clause (g) has been inserted after clause (f), which tells that “the words and expressions used in these rules, but not defined therein but defined in the Child and Adolescent Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act – 1986’’, shall have same meaning as defined in the Act.

• After section 2, Section 2A has been inserted in which the State Government has been advised to take required measures to stop the child labour by giving awareness, displaying the notices in the public places, by including the provisions of the Act in the learning material and syllabus, and by conducting trainings, etc.

• Section 2B has been inserted which allows a child to help his/her family in their family enterprises which is not hazardous, not involving in manufacturing process, supply or retail chain and without affecting the child’s education, health, etc.

• Section 2C has been inserted which states that a Child can work as an artist subject to many conditions related his/her health, education, etc.

Madhya Pradesh

Updated: 1 stApril, 2021

Minimum Wages

The Government of Madhya Pradesh, vide notification dated 01st April, 2021, has revised the Minimum Wages w.e.f 1st April, 2021 to 30th September, 2021.

Madhya Pradesh

Updated: 16thMarch, 2021

Factories Rules

The Government of Madhya Pradesh, vide notification no. F.01-02-2020-A-xvi, dated 16th March, 2021, has amended the procedure for registration and grant of license under the Madhya Pradesh Factories Rules, 1962. As per the Amendment, the registration for factories and licenses can be granted in Form no. 3 for a period up to ten years or more as prescribed by the State Government.

Madhya Pradesh

Updated:23rd December, 2020

Wages Rules

Madhya Pradesh vide notification no. 1227-1893-2019-A-XVI, dated 23 Dec. 2020, has issued draft Madhya Pradesh Code on Wages Rules, 2020. Authorities are accepting the objections/suggestions for the said draft through mail to the address given in the notification or through the official email ID's or Post receipt of suggestions/ objections the draft rules will be taken into consideration after the expiry of forty five days from the date of publication of the said notification. Whereas the date of implementation shall come into force on the date of their publication of the official gazette.

Madhya Pradesh

Updated: 19th November, 2020

Establishment Act

The Government of Madhya Pradesh vide notification no.03/01/2020/1902-55(2), dated 19/11/2020, has amended MP Shops and Establishment Act, 1958 by which shops and commercial establishments maybe allowed to operate without closing one day in every week, provided every employee is allowed a paid weekly holiday by the employer.

Madhya Pradesh

Updated: 28th November, 2020

Holiday list for the year 2021

The Government of Madhya Pradesh, vide notification 468, dated 28th November, 2020, has issued the holiday list for the year 2021.

Madhya Pradesh

Updated: 19th November, 2020

Third party certification for factories

The Government of Madhya Pradesh, vide notification number No.F-I-4-2020-A-XVL, dated 19th November, 2020, has introduced third party Certification to inspect dangerous machines, hosts and lifts, lifting machines and lifting tools, and pressure vessels. Labour Commissioner may recognize and appoint any person who has the required qualifications to become a third party certifier. Any person /institution who want to be a certifier can apply using Form 36-B or 36-C through the labour portal. The third party cerifier on appointment by the appropriate authority shall not be deemed to be a public servant.

Madhya Pradesh

Updated: 29th September, 2020

Minimum Wages

The Government of Madhya Pradesh, vide notification Dated 29th September, 2020, has revised the Minimum Wages w.e.f 1st October 2020.