Announcements by the Government of Meghalaya


Updated: 19th July, 2023

Permission to keep Establishments open on all 365 days of the year

The Government of Meghalaya, vide notification No.LBG.132/82/Pt/Vol.I/86, dated 19th July, 2023, has permitted all the establishments registered under the Meghalaya Shops and Establishment Act to be kept open on all 365 days of the year, up to 31st December, 2023, subject to certain conditions as listed in the notification.


Updated: 24th March, 2023

Enforcement of ESI provisions

The Central Government, vide notification No. S.O 1426(E), dated, 24th March, 2023, will be implementing following provisions of Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948, in all the areas of East Khasi Hills and Ri-Bhoi districts, in addition to the already notified areas of the said district, in the state of Meghalaya, effective from 1st April, 2023:
• Sections 38 (All applicable employees to be insured)
• Section 39 (All applicable members to Contribute)
• Section 40 (Principal employer to pay contributions in the first instance)
• Section 41 (Recovery of contributions to be done by the immediate employer)
• Section 42 (General provisions as to payment of contributions to be followed)
• Section 43 (Method of payment of contributions to be followed for all applicable members)
• Section 45A to 45H (Determination of contributions in certain cases, appellate authority, recovery of contributions, issue of certificate to the recovery officer, recovery officer to whom certificate is to be forwarded, validity of certificate and amendment thereof, stay of proceedings under certificate and amendment or withdrawal thereof, other mode of recovery, application of certain provisions of the Income Tax Act)
• Section 46 (Benefits) to Section 73 (Employer not to dismiss or punish employee during period of sickness, etc.) of Chapter V; and Section 74 (Constitution of Employees’ Insurance Court)
• Section 75 (Matters to be decided by the Employees’ Insurance Court)
• Sub-sections (2) to (4) of section 76 (Institution of proceedings, etc.),section 80 (Benefits are not admissible unless claimed in time), section 82 (Appeal), and section 83 (Stay of payment for pending appeal) of Chapter VI.


Updated: 15th November, 2022

Holiday list for 2023

The Government of Meghalaya, vide notification No. GAA.85/2022/76, dated 15th November, 2022, has published the holiday list for the year 2023.


Updated: 14th October, 2020

Central Inspection System

To further the ease of doing business, the Government of Meghalaya, vide notification no. LBG.39/2014/Pt/228 dated 14th October, 2020, has introduced an online inspection system. The objective of such an introduction is to foster transparency, simplicity, and accountability during the time of any inspection.

The online inspection system covers the offices of the Labour Commissioner and Chief Inspector of Boilers and Factories. The frequency of inspection is dependent on the risk level and the system monitors and ensures the allotment of inspection frequency.

The inspection report is submitted under the concerned labour laws to the appropriate authority through online central inspection system, within 72 hours of the inspection.