Announcements by the Government of Mizoram


Updated: 31st August, 2021

Holiday List for 2022

The Mizoram Government, vide notification No. F.23012/3/2020-GAD, dated 31st August 2021, has published the Holiday List for the calendar year 2022. Refer to the attached notification for further details.


Updated: 10th November, 2021

Draft Code on Wages Rules, 2021

The Government of Mizoram, vide notification No. B.14015/5/2019 - LESDE, dated 10th November 2021, has published draft Mizoram Code on Wages Rules, 2021. These Rules, if implemented, will supersede Mizoram Payment of Wages Rules, 1992 and Mizoram Minimum Wages Rules, 1992.

Objections or suggestions related to the draft notification are invited from the public and can be sent for consideration of the State Government within 45 days of publication of this notification to the: Secretary, LESDE Department, Government of Mizoram and the Director, LESDE Department, Government of Mizoram.


Updated: 22nd November, 2020

Holiday list for the year 2021

The Government of Mizoram, vide notification no. 3855/2020-2021, dated 22nd November, 2020, has declared the public holidays for the Calendar Year 2021.