Announcements by the Government of Puducherry


Updated: 14th September, 2021

Holiday List for 2022

The Government of Puducherry, vide Government Order No-G.O.Ms.NO.79, dated 14th September, 2021, has published the holiday list for 2022.


Updated: 15thFebruary, 2021

Self Certification-cum-Online

Government of Puducherry, vide notification no. G.O.Ms.No.02/AIL/LAB/G/2021, dated 15th Feb. 2021, has introduced Self Certification-cum-Online common Inspection Scheme for Shops & other establishments, also, based on complaints, inspections or surprise inspections shall be conducted by the Inspecting authority with specific permissions from the labour commissioner, under eight legislation, i.e. Puducherry S&E Act, Min wage Act, CLRA, Payment of wages Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, Payment of Bonus Act, Equal Remuneration Act, and Maternity Act.


Updated: 24th November, 2020

Public Holiday from 24th to 26th November, 2020

The Government of Puducherry, vide order no 1703/DRDM/DM/D2/2020/120 dated 24th November 2020 has issued a probationary order prohibiting presence or movement of persons in public places in entire Puducherry due to the Cyclone Nivar. The authority has ordered all the Shops and Establishments to close from 9:00 PM on 24th November 2020 6:00 AM to 26th November, 2020, subject to further revision.


Updated: 7th October, 2020

Holiday list, 2021

The Government of Puducherry, vide notification number G.O. Ms. No. 80, dated 7th October, 2020, has issued the holiday list for the year 2021.