Announcements by the Government of Sikkim


Updated: 14th October, 2022

Holiday list for 2023

The Government of Sikkim, vide notification No. 104/Home/2022, dated 14th October, 2022, has published the holiday list for the year 2023.


Updated: 14th September, 2022

Minimum Wages revision

The Government of Sikkim, vide notification No. 29/DL, dated 14th September, 2022, has revised the minimum wages for all the Scheduled Employments with effect from 11th July, 2022 as below:

Category of workers Existing rates of daily wages Revised rates of daily wage
Unskilled Rs 300/- Rs 500/-
Semiskilled Rs 320/- Rs 520/-
Skilled Rs 335/- Rs 535/-
Highly-skilled Rs 365/- Rs 565/-
Refer to the notification for more details.