Building Better Businesses with HR Automation

Date: 31st March 2020

Author: Subramanyam.S

Managing payroll and HR in multiple locations and markets is an arduous and time- consuming activity that modern organizations struggle with. Not only does it increase the risk of inconsistency and non-compliance, it limits management from having a global, eagle-eyed view of the organisation. This white paper details the benefits of cloud-based HR and payroll systems that can build cost and manpower savings into the entire payroll process. Automated payroll solutions allow businesses to deploy a robust, single platform that is scalable and compliant across multiple regions.

In today’s competitive business environment, employers are continually looking for ways to save money, increase efficiency and improve productivity. However, many of the advances in technology that have automated business processes and optimized workflows have had minimal impact on the distribution challenges facing payroll managers at corporations across the world. Some of the most technologically adept businesses continue to struggle with legacy payroll distribution challenges that have a significant impact on their bottom line. From reducing the high costs associated with processing and distributing salaries, to complying with state and central regulations, to working to avert fraudulent activities like counterfeit payslips, organizations of all sizes are attempting to solve these challenges with solutions that don’t fully meet their needs.


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