Fail-safe Recruitment

Date: 31st March 2020

Author: Prabhakar Sourirajulu


High quality human capital is one of the key drivers and engineers of a healthy bottom-line. Consequently, businesses are always scouting for talent, and are engaged in a continuous endeavour to leverage their human capital reserves to optimize business efficiency and productivity. Across industries, enterprises struggle with streamlining and optimizing their hiring, retention and recruitment processes. Notwithstanding the contingency and criticality of hiring and retention, it is important to employ the right people for your business. Ideally, a good recruitment process can minimize the time involved in the searching, interviewing and hiring processes.

Organizations can pre-emptively screen those applicants who are entirely unsuitable, thus saving on the expense of processing the unsuitable applicant through the remaining steps of selection. In the recruitment process, shortlisting comes after sourcing and screening, preceding interviewing and assessment. Organizations can screen resumes from candidates, shortlist the best ones and move forward conditionally, because a lot of considerations apply to the shortlisting process.


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